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Innovagro is a producer of hemp in a high performance greenhouse. B2B company, Innovagro is a supplier of quality raw materials in food, cosmetics and therapeutic sectors. Innovagro plans to grow responsibly and environmentally friendly. Through an approach advocating ethical responsibility and transparency, we wish to contribute to a sustainable development, including the health and well-being of society.

What is hemp?

Belonging to the Canabinaceae family, hemp has experienced increasing popularity with the public in recent years.

Having been used for a long time, hemp is present everywhere on the planet whether as food, fiber or textile. Unlike cannabis, hemp does not cause any psychotropic effects since its THC level, which corresponds to the psychoactive molecule, is below 0.03%.

The project

The Innovagro project is the result of a long reflection on the part of the company founders. Their analysis, combined with experience and knowledge in the field, paved the way for greenhouse hemp project.