The project

Pilot project

The Innovagro project is the result of a long reflection on the part of the company founders. Their analysis, combined with experience and knowledge in the field, paved the way for greenhouse hemp project.

In order to start commercial activities, Innovagro built a 2400 square meter high performance greenhouse, in which the construction was completed in December 2020. This greenhouse is intended to serve as a pilot project to determine the processes , the equipment and the hemp genotypes that will best lend themselves to the marketing of high-value molecules.
The primary goal of carrying out a pilot project is to develop its cultivation processes to enhance 100% of its production, thus aiming for “Zero Waste” production.

Free from heavy metal contamination, unlike field industrial hemp, the plants produced by Innovagro can be used in a wide range of applications.

Upcoming phases

Phase 2: a 5,800 m2 greenhouse is planned, where the construction will begin in spring 2021. The site development work has already been completed! This second greenhouse will allow Innovagro to demonstrate its knowledge!

Phase 3: Scheduled for April 2023, a 20,000 m2 greenhouse will be accompanied by an administrative building. The excavation and landscaping work has already started!